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Hack Your Brain and Increase Revenue Part 1

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There are a few easy things we do to help customers speed up their computers. We can add more RAM or swap out the traditional drive for an SSD. If I could change my brain for an SSD and double the RAM…I would be first in line. Until then, there are many ways that we can tweak the hardware we were born with.

A hack is normally a small modification that can increase the use of something for a particular need. Over the course of this series, we will examine small modifications in our life (hacks) and I invite you to apply these in your life and discuss what effects they have on you and your business.

What are we instructed to do during the flight safety demo when it comes to Oxygen masks? We are to put ours first, then assist our child. As business owners and Entrepreneurs, we have the same direction: Work on/improve yourself before you can work on/improve your staff.

It’s so easy to wake up in the morning, drag our feet to the coffee machine….press the button (for some of the late night types…they make an instant coffee first…in order to properly prepare the real one!)…check our emails on our phone…and bam…the day starts. Your mind starts planning the day; you are in reactive mode, reacting to the demands of your staff and clients.

Here is the first hack that will make a great difference in your life. Wake up 15 minutes earlier then you normally do. Make your coffee like usual, but don’t touch that smartphone! This is your time. Choose a book that will help you in your business and read one chapter (smartphones allowed…but resist the urge to read emails or texts). I suggest you start with The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It. This is a great book that will help you identify which dominant role you play in your organization and what roles the dominant one will try to suppress. Change it up another day and watch a Ted talk on the topic of entrepreneurs.   Spend that first daily moment getting oxygen for yourself. Share what you learn with your team. After a week of doing this regularly, suggest it to others and explain what effect it has had on you.

Hacks don’t have to be major, in fact sometimes the smallest change will bring about the greatest result.

After of week of using Hack #1, answer these questions:

  • How am I showing up for work? Do I come in with a positive outlook?
  • Have I improved at least one thing with my business as a result of the knowledge I got from a simple 15 minutes a day?
  • Do I find myself sharing what I learn with others? How does that help them?

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About the Author: Randal Wark is a VAR/MSP Consultant helping them to work ON their business rather then IN them.

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