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Book Review: The Family Board Meeting

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I read The Family Board Meeting last night and I highly recommend all entrepreneurs, especially those with kids to read it.

This is a book about having a board meeting with your kids. For the writer, the board is a surf board.  It goes to show that as entrepreneurs, the most important thing in life is our relationships, especially of those close to us. That is were true wealth lies. This books makes us appreciate this and gives use the framework to create quarterly one-on-one board meetings with those we love the most, creating life long intimate bonds more powerful then any lecture or life lesson we strive to impart. Although this book focuses on parent/child relationship, it can be used with anyone we wish to connect with on a deeper level.
After reading the book, one might reflect that these are all common sense practices. The trouble is that as entrepreneurs, our vision is often focused on the success of the venture, and this brings much needed Windex so that we can see and appreciate what is right in front of our eyes.

I booked my first board meetings with each of my kids and I truly look forward to the experience.

I will post the results of my first board meeting scheduled with my son, followed by my daughter.


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