The Path Peter Riva

Book Review & Interview: The Path by Peter Riva

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Peter Riva does with The Path what Neil Stephenson did with the “Metaverse” which is to make you visualize the deep inner workings of computers in the near future. With the Metaverse, it was a virtual reality world, with The Path, it is the actual system, all the way down to the File Allocation Table. Don’t fret, if you don’t …

Walter White Retirement

The Walter White Guide to Retirement

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When I do speaking engagements, I often cite the mild manner chemistry teacher, Walter White a.k.a. Heisenberg of Breaking Bad when I speak of thinking about retirement and the valuation of your company. Of course, I cite the fictional character as one who has a dangerous plan to care for his family, but there are many things we can take …

Jim Sheils - The Family Board Meeting

Book Review: The Family Board Meeting

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I read The Family Board Meeting last night and I highly recommend all entrepreneurs, especially those with kids to read it. This is a book about having a board meeting with your kids. For the writer, the board is a surf board.  It goes to show that as entrepreneurs, the most important thing in life is our relationships, especially of …

Ravine Vineyard

How a Mastermind Group changed my life

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I’m overlooking the rows of carefully manicured vines of Ravine Vineyard, taking a sip of a Riesling that is being paired with the smoked carrot soup purée that will soon arrive.  I can’t help but think back at this time last year when I was stuck in a corporate gig feeling emotionally and physically drained.  I spoke with a member …