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Randal Wark is a professional speaker and founder of IT Revolution, a firm that helps business owners move forward and gain clarity.  With 25 years of wisdom starting, growing and selling businesses, Randal has the superpower to deep dive into a business and find the two next steps to move forward.  The first step will get you moving forward and the second step will help you gain momentum.  Obsessed with personal development, Randal curates the firehose of information out there to find specific tools and frameworks that can help you move forward.

Randal is Yoda for IT Companies.

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We can take heed of what happened to the decline of the newspaper industry. Rupert Murdoch once described the profits from his empire as “Rivers of Gold” but several years later said: “Sometimes rivers dry up.”

While there are many reasons the newspaper industry has declined so rapidly, the major one is that the people choose to consume news THEIR WAY. The power went from the corporations that controlled it, to the people.

Revolutions can be good, depending on which side you are on. Take the Industrial Revolution for instance. Would you be a company that embraced the new manufacturing processes and experienced growth, or would you stick to the old ways of doing things and see your business shrink to nothing?

There is a similar movement in the IT world that I call the IT Revolution. Whereas once the IT industry was a ship driven by the VARs and resellers, now that power is going to the people and they are plotting the course.

“Work on your business, not in your business” Michael Gerber

All IT business owners have to take a serious look at their offerings to see if they align with the trends that the users are setting. Not only are the customers savvier when it comes to finding a service provider, but your competitors may be offering the new services that they want.

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