There is no I in IT

There is no “I” in IT

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Technically…there is an “I” in IT, but you get the point. Success in our industry is all about finding the right partners, whether it’s a supplier or a fellow VAR/MSP that may complement our service offerings.

There are some who try to do it all, from break & fix to VoIP with everything under the sun in between. “Jack of all trades – master of none” is a saying you have probably heard. It shows that if we are spread too thin, we will not be able to master everything. The things we don’t do so well will eventually cheapen our overall brand.

Ask yourself: Do I really want to be a Jack, when I can be an Ace?

Being a trusted advisor, there is that desire to be a one-stop shop, which is a great position to be in. Many years ago, when I was still in break/fix mode, we started offering VoIP solutions. At the time I had a brilliant tech that was passionate about the technology and we did some very interesting projects. VoIP became his specialty, but it wasn’t really the company’s expertise. Once he moved away, we no longer had the internal skills to carry that division.

What I learned is to stay true to the core values and skills of the company I run. Do I want to offer VoIP services to my clients? For sure! I just don’t want to be the one to provide that expertise, so I find partners who can, and we revenue share. My customers respect that if I can’t be the best at something, I will find those who are.

I choose to be the Ace and focus on the strengths of the company.


What is my company really good at…something we can do in our sleep?

What activities are we spinning our wheels and having difficulty with?

Do these activities align with our core values?

Is there a partner I can find that I can work with to offer these services I’m not mastering?

Taking the time to work ON your business instead of IN it can help you find the right partners to make you an Ace!

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