Don't Treat Clients like Family

Don’t Treat Your Customers Like Family!

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So many companies say they treat their customers like family, but do they really?  Seems like a lot of dysfunctional “business” families, if you ask me. The fact is that most businesses exist to generate revenues.  They offer a product or a service in exchange for financial compensation.  The rules are clear, this transaction is expected and respected.  Yet, so …

There is no I in IT

There is no “I” in IT

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Technically…there is an “I” in IT, but you get the point. Success in our industry is all about finding the right partners, whether it’s a supplier or a fellow VAR/MSP that may complement our service offerings. There are some who try to do it all, from break & fix to VoIP with everything under the sun in between. “Jack of …

Business Mistakes

The Best Mistake Ever!

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One of my kid’s favorite stories was Richard Scarry’s The Best Mistake Ever! It tells the story of a cat and a worm whose mistakes eventually worked out for the better. Who of us wants to admit a mistake? Who of us wants to admit a grandiose failure? As business owners, if we can’t admit mistakes or failure, how will we …