Don't Treat Clients like Family

Don’t Treat Your Customers Like Family!

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So many companies say they treat their customers like family, but do they really?  Seems like a lot of dysfunctional “business” families, if you ask me. The fact is that most businesses exist to generate revenues.  They offer a product or a service in exchange for financial compensation.  The rules are clear, this transaction is expected and respected.  Yet, so …

Chinese Paper Lanterns

Forget Resolutions: 3 Things You Need to Do in 2017 For Your Company

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The beach was lit by Sky Lanterns (a.k.a. Chinese Wish Lanterns) as fireworks illuminated the cloudy sky on New Year’s Eve.  For the Mexicans, these are wishes for a better year ahead. While it does look beautiful, this is a useless exercise that will only pollute the ocean and possibly cause harm to ocean life. Like Kevin Rose, I don’t …

The Borg

What the BORG taught me about business

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The Borg may not have had refined social skills when it came to communicating, but they were on to something when they said: “Resistance is Futile” In business, resistance can either be a hindrance or an asset.  For the vast majority, resistance is futile because it paralyses them into submission and prevents from doing what needs to be done to …

Walter White Retirement

The Walter White Guide to Retirement

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When I do speaking engagements, I often cite the mild manner chemistry teacher, Walter White a.k.a. Heisenberg of Breaking Bad when I speak of thinking about retirement and the valuation of your company. Of course, I cite the fictional character as one who has a dangerous plan to care for his family, but there are many things we can take …

Game Changer

Hack Your Brain and Increase Revenue Part 2

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Hopefully, you now are in the habit of waking 15 minutes earlier, not checking email, and doing some activity were you’re building yourself up. We are now ready to add one more activity to your morning routine. When I first heard of journaling, I associated it with a diary, which is completely wrong. I’m happily married, so I’m not going …