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Running your IT company from a beach

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Many IT VARs and MSPs joke about running their company from a beach somewhere in some paradise. I decided to do it.

When people hear the story of how I lived in Mexico for 5 years and ran my Montreal IT company from there…they always ask: How did you do pull it off?

It actually started with a joke…I leaned over to my wife one winter morning, after fretting over some payment (probably the mortgage payment) and simply asked jokingly: “Why don’t we just sell the house and move to Mexico?” To my complete surprise, she quickly responded: “Sure.”

My mind started racing…could I actually pull this off? Long story short, we met someone that very day that lived in a town called Bucerias and the plans were in motion.

We sold the house within one week…a sign?

Fast forward 7000 Kilometers (you can still find my journey described here).

The biggest hurdle was getting decent Internet. Once I had something that could handle VoIP calls…I was good to go.

Because Bucerias was only a 1-hour time difference, I would walk up the stairs (no traffic) with my mug of coffee and would take calls. My customers called a local number and I would dispatch one of my outsourced local partners to do the work. I would do quotes by email and order online with a drop ship option. My infrastructure costs were relatively nil. I used a customer’s office for my business address and received my checks there. Once a week, someone I knew would use a deposit only bankcard to deposit all checks after scanning them.

Every 3 or 4 months, I would return for about 7-10 days and do the rounds, take care of any paperwork and keep building the business.

I learned something very important with this whole transition, something I later found out to be the 80/20 rule. Although my company became smaller and I only took care of my main clients, my revenues decreased, but my profits increased dramatically! When I added managed services, the business actually solidified to the point that I was able to sell the company not long after my return to Montreal.

We tend to work like madmen in the hopes of one day having enough saved up to finally relax and enjoy some good times. I know for a fact that one can enjoy life to the fullest while still running a successful company and building equity…right NOW!

If you would like to discuss strategies to tweak your company to fit your goals then contact me. Maybe I can help you to live the dream today.

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